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Hi everyone! I am Elena Karagianni. I am the Refugee Education Coordinator of the Refugee Camp of Schisto. I am apointed there by the Greek Ministry of Education. The camp of Schisto hosts about 1000 people mostly from Afganistan, Syria, Iran and some African countries.

What I do is to help children attend the Greek public schools and at the same time design programs to empower them and their families as well. Refugee Education Coordinators are a kind of madeators between the comunity of refugees and the Greek comunity. Right now I coordinate about 17 schools, fron Preschool Education to Secondary. I have studied Fine Arts and Art Pedagogy at the Greek School of Fine Arts and my MA is in Humanitarian studies in subjects such us: The development of the child in the social environment/ Cultural and social inequalities in school environment/ Adult Education/Educational research in practice/ Αrt in the Greek kindergarden.

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