Instrument 6 Phase 1


The Life Goals Planner


The context “time” is used in this dimension as part of the conclusion of prior assessment. The planning integrates the findings resulting from the application of previous four (4) instruments (see especially the personal interview) and provides a systematization of teacher’s action relating to the next actions. With the same rationality of the other planners in the following phase, this instrument should be used as a flexible pathway to reach reflective goals from a teacher’s first contact with a student.

The Goals Planner -

Life Path

Note 1

The Life Goals Planner, as explained in the Project‘s website (, connects the student’s identity (my life), their expectations for the future (my future) and their World View (my world) with each other.  It also ensures that the student’s ambitions for life and for school are connected.  In other words, that their school goals are placed within a broader framework. This plan should be used in combination with Direct Observation Checklist.

Note 2

Prior assessment does not mean that the student can ‘t enter school before the assessment is finished. Observations and answers can be more reliable when the student is accustomed to new living conditions. A good relationship between the school and other public services (health, social, …) is required to gain time, and install peacefulness and the feeling of care.